Hi guys, so I decided to do another giveaway! I’ve done two before this and people have been asking for another lately and I found a ton of shirts that I don’t ever wear (along with a few other things) so I decided to give them away! 


  • Paradise Fears poster signed by Sam Miller and Cole Andre
  • Paper signedby Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set
  • Glamour Kills coral logo t-shirt (size small)
  • JAGK t-shirt (size small)
  • Paradise Fears ‘I Tried’ t-shirt (size small) 
  • Two Glamour Kills slouchy t-shirts, never worn (both size smalls)


  1. MUST BE FOLLOWING MY BLOG (LETDOWNDAYS) FOR THE ENTIRE DURATION OF THE CONTEST. If you unfollow before the end, you are no longer eligible to win and are disqualified. 
  2. Reblog as many times as you’d like, it WILL give you an advantage to winning this giveaway. LIKES DO NOT COUNT.
  3. DO NOT make a separate “contest” blog to reblog this post on. It’s unfair, and if that blog ends up being selected as the winner and I see it’s a contest blog, I’ll chose another winner.
  4. Please live somewhere that can receive packages from the US. You don’t have to pay for shipping, but again, if you live in a country that cannot receive packages from the United States I’ll chose another winner.
  5. Have your ask box open. I won’t be posting the winner of the contest to prevent other people from spamming them, so I will be sending you a message if you’ve won. If your ask box is not open, I’ll pick another winner.

I’ll be picking the winner of this giveaway with I’ll enter the amount of notes that this post gets and it will randomly select a number. I will then go through the notes and find that number note and the person who reblogged it.

This contest will end on July 15th, 2013.

Good luck to everyone! :) Send me a message in my ask if you have any questions! 

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